Dinner at Peekamoose

I moved to the Catskills in 1969 at the Lolita ripe age of 12. The next 7 years were some of the worst and best years of my life. Most of my life lessons, disasters, pain and joy came from that period.

Tonight Larry and I went to the Peekamoose restaurant in Big Indian, 2 miles from my old home.  The last time I had been there it was Rudy's...a very hip place,  in the mid to late 70's. I think I rode my bike there, 2 miles  *uphill*  to meet a friend for lunch.

Now, some 35 years later, Larry and I dined in luxury in the same spot. The red Panasonic bike (which I still have) was left at home -we took "The Silver Bullet".  I am no longer the wood nymph of my youth, instead slowly becoming  a cover girl for a Renoir painting.

Since I left my memory card at home, my shots were taken with my Droid. Not great in low light. One of my few Android complaints.  Tonight's photos are of the Nevelson inspired wall, and the other shot...is of my brain...ha ha.

BTW. The food and service were excellent. Fresh baked herbed foccacia with tarragon butter, a Ciroc martini that came with the shaker. I often judge a restaurant by their drinks and bread...  we were off to a good start. The rest of the dinner was equally as pleasing, and Kaitlin, our waitress, was a delightful country girl who has traveled Europe and speaks a few languages. The other pleasure was seeing one of my students working as one of the staff.  She was a great young lady, and it was a joy to see her coming into her own....bought me back to my own youth working in the restaurant business..but that is for another blog.

Off to rest..under the heating pad!


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