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Hudson Blues

 Reservoir Storm
I need to start to get rid of art in my studio so that 1) I have more room 2) I need to raise money to keep my studio's propane tank full all winter, as well as for framing for upcoming shows. It is expensive to be an artist, and I am finding out, very hard work. Still have the day job, but am gearing up to retire from teaching, and then go full time as an artist.

I know that artists are not supposed to sale their work out.  But in this economy, artists need to be savvy, inventive, hustling marketers and sales people.  And as long as I get something for my materials and time and love that goes into the work, and it goes towards keeping my creative space heated so that I can keep working, it's all good. And YOU got a great deal.

So in celebration of my 54th year on this planet, I will be listing art for 54.00 which by the way, is 50.00 plus 4.00 NYS tax.  If you live far away, I will ship the cheapest but most safe way. The small canvases are light, so it should be inexpensive.

I am starting with these two oil on canvases.  They are both composites of the Hudson River and the Ashokan Reservoir.  I say composite because though they are based upon Hudson Valley locations, some of the actual elements of the landscape are altered/deleted and even totally changed. In these paintings, the local landscape serves as an inspiration for a painting, and is not always a literal interpretation. 

The Hudson River painting above measures 11 x 14", and the Ashokan Reservoir below measures
8 x 10".  They pop into a standard size frame from your local art supply store (I try to use them rather than the huge mega stores like Michaels..) and voila, you have a painting on the wall. I don't think I have signed these, and will do so if you desire. My canvases are always signed on the back.....as I don't like to sign on the front, but have learned that I really need to do it. Not worth being turned down by a gallery or considered unprofessional for no signature/initial on front. 

If interested, the link to my email address is here on my blog page. Go to My Profile, and click the link that states: View my complete profile.   Or some of you FB me, or have my email anyway!



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