I am having another show in a space which is part of an alternative health care office,  called  Post Urban Contemporary Art.

Though it may be a bit small and get crowded quickly if I have a good turnout, I like supporting local business, especially in the alternative healing world, where you are offered non pharmaceutical/non invasive healing options, whether chiropractor, naturalists, herbalists, etc.  This office happens to be home to the practice of acupuncture.

The office offers several halls and a central room to hang "Little Stories", my body of surreal narrative collages/mixed media works.  

I still have to lay out the pieces, figure out what works best together, and then frame a few that I have not framed yet.  Framing is NOT my favorite part of the business, and I am hoping that I can farm out some of the work to someone else. Like the mat cutting.

Off to the art supply store (the non-Michaels one) to see what frames they have.  I am going to try and recycle some of my frames so I don't have to spend more money, but I need at least one square frame which I do not have in stock.

The life of an artist, especially one who has a full time job, is BUSY.


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Maggie said…
I am so glad Laurie posted a comment about your work! I have enjoyed looking at the various ways you express yourself through your art. I will keep checking your page for updates, but I can say I have already seen a few things that have won me over!

Lovely, lovely work!

My best,

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