Some of you might wonder about the significance of the title of the blog. As with much of my humor, you can take it many ways, and it is meant to be as such. It was a collage which I had done on a greeting card and sold, but had kept the image archived. The image has now further taken on its own a creative surge that came from severe PMS, a rainstorm, and a deadline.

I stayed home all day yesterday due to my BLACK DAMP GLOOMY BLOATED mood and sublimated it into a work of art. I am doing the summer zine swap with the Gleaner Group on Yahoo. The deadline is July 1st, and I must have a zine ready by then. I have a group of altered photographs which I have been saving for a project, the collage of Eat Man Drink Water, and I wanted to write prose or poetry that somehow tied it all together. The muse of creativity descended, the zine was 80% born.

It is an illustrated Poem based upon some of the dark Victorian poems read to me by my Auntie. (direct from Ireland!) Does anyone remember the German Struwel Peter book? About the little girl who played with matches and burnt up? Or Gus who would not eat his soup and died? How about Cock Robin who got shot and killed when he was getting married to Jenny Wren? That was Mother Goose) Thus the scene for my humor was set, the pictures are coming into place with it, and I guarantee a chuckle or two should come from this zine.

Out of the ashes rises the Phoenix. I allowed myself to feel, to brood, and to cleanse with art. And, it doesn't hurt to have a product either.

Perhaps tomorrow I will give you a tease.

Back to the stuido, Patti


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