It's Raining Again

Remember that Supertramp song, those of you who are old enough to remember Supertramp? They were one of the best 80's concerts I went to in Springfield, Mass. I do remember it, so I must have been pretty straight, haha. In a way I am glad that I experienced the 70-80's period and survived it. Though I was not a child of the 60's, I followed close behind lucky enough to experience some of it. Long nights of partying like mad. Thank GOD I survived those times as well as most of my friends and relatives. Some didn't. I never got addicted to anything, or in a bad car accident, and I just have all of these amazing memories. (I grew up spending a lot of time dancing in Woodstock NY at the Joyous Lake --- when disco was Barry White, the Rolling Stones.) I was too young for the first Woodstock, and my parents would have NEVER let me go; I did go to the second Woodstock in 94', which was fun as an experience but could never recreate the essence or the spirit of the first. My students get a kick out of the picture on my board in the classroom that has a picture of my girlfriend and I giving the camera man a peace sign...........

PEACE. What I long for in my life and for the world. It will be my mantra for the day and hope that it will keep me grounded. Pay it Forward.

No strawberry fields forever today I am afraid. The rain makes it impossible for me to consider picking. I am going to the studio to find a piece of old paper or an artwork to post here...a theme of the day. Be back later.

Ok found the right picture. A chromolithograph print from an old seed catalog. Early 1900's. Many of these were cut out and pasted in women and children's scrapbooks with flour and water paste. I have used these in decoupage, collage, cardmaking etc.

I took a ride into the Catskills today to visit my auntie. She is aging and I have a hard time accepting that. Accepting that my other aunt is very ill with bone cancer, that our family is dying out, that I am slowly rising to the next rung in the ladder of life and death. I have an idea for a collage to make. I hope that I have some time to get into the studio later after a quick visit with friends...and I feel a nap coming on.


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