I woke up to another humid, misty, dark morning on the east coast to an interview on CNN about how are our belief systems affect our ability to make money. If we have been raised thinking that money is bad, or been given our "imprinting" about money and success by people who had negative thoughts or who had no money, then it can affect our entire financial future, or lack of it.

This is nothing new. For those of us who have done the work in Cameron's THE ARTISTS WAY we have discovered how to work through our negative thoughts about the arts in order to gain confidence and empower ourselves as artists. It works. I am a firm believer in the mind-body and mind-art connection. So now, I am eager to move to the next level--a participant in the mind MONEY connection.

I have to admit I have had some pretty negative thoughts about money and rich people in the past. Having a lot of money is sinful. Years of Catholic schooling taught me to be humble and that money is the root of much evil. (YET LOOK AT THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH AND MONEY; IT IS ONE OF THE RICHEST ORGANIZATIONS IN THE WORLD?!) There was always a negative aura around people who had money. Yet the more I read and the more I shed such antiquated and non-productive beliefs, the more I believe in the power of my attitude over my future and my quality of life.

As I undergo this transformation I will keep you updated as to books and thinkers to help unlock any negative thoughts about money and which empower us as humans, whether we are artists or production workers, especially as women in the workforce. I hope I can work on my husband too, as his imprint is far worse than mine, if that is possible!

Speaking of money and marketing, this is an excellent intro to my current and up and coming offerings on ebay and etsy. I discovered a couple of old rotten books in my favorite haunt in the Catskills, full of wonderful plates for collage and mixed media artists. I am started to list them on Etsy and Ebay, and of course, I have kept some so that I have a new stash of images for inspiration, and to fill some of my paper addiction. The print I have shown is one from the ROMANCE series on Etsy, and the links are alwasy found on the right hand side of my blog.

Thanks and may your sunday be inspiring and abundant.

AND don't forget=== be generous in all that you do and give. Patti


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