A Few Little Watercolors

Not much time to make art here, but the kids and I did snatch an hour where we all made art; Megan painted her little heart out, and Randy colored with crayons and markers, and experimented with a brush and water.  I think he is old enough for his own first washable marker set and beginner watercolors, so I am on the search for that for his birthday which is coming in early August. It's never too early to start them!

I like Alanna's little sketch of the island, and of Larry and his camera.  Children's art is so pure and at this age they still have confidence in their work, though Alanna did wistfully say: "Mimi, your paints have SO many more colors than mine!"  When she is back home with me we will go to the art supply store to get her the same set. I think they are Yarkas, and they are inexpensive yet very creamy and saturated in color. 

Two of my small post card sized paintings were based upon my own photos; one is a fantasy landscape. Watercolor is a challenge for me, bit I only have 9,750 paintings to go before I am a master at it.

Off to bed as I need a full 6-8 hours to be able to be cheery at 7 am when Randy wakes up. Then, my first trip on the base to find some real food.

Ciao for now, Patti O Painter


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