In Fort Campbell

It's a very different world here. It feels like a sauna 24/7, and it is currently 97. The storms blow through here fiercely, and we are on the eastern edge of tornado alley. We were delayed landing in Nashville as a series of storms were hitting the city, and the wind tore apart Megan's gazebo.

Flying is always an adventure. Sometimes I think I am better off driving. It took me 11 hours to get here, and I only spent 2.75 hours in the air.  I started out with delays, and ended with delays. I sat, I hovered, I sat. Then there was an accident on the highway and Andrea was stuck in traffic for 45 minutes past my arrival.

But airport sitting makes for good entertainment.  I people watch, and privately chuckle at the fashion faux pas like women trying to negotiate luggage and late planes in micro minis and high heels, men adjusting their bad toupees, old ladies who really should NOT be traveling alone as their have no clue how to get from point A to point B. (that is where I come in to help).I watch the business men sipping on their beers at airport bars, and I chuckle and wonder how many times they will have to get up to pee on the plane.  What fools I think, as I stick to something strong and to the point. 

In spite of the long day, I truly enjoy myself. I look at airport travel as a mini adventure, a mini vacation.  I don't have to cook, I get to read (what a novel thought, no pun intended)  I take myself to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I talk with strangers. I draw and think.  I enjoy the time alone as I know that the next two weeks will be filled with the demands of a sick daughter and her two little ones and life takes on another form.

The photo---a parting shot of my beloved Hudson Valley.  I miss it so much when I am here.



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