On Writing

One of the reasons I write this blog, is to share my adventures and stories about people and places in and around the Hudson Valley.  A few people recently commented that they really enjoy my writing;  I thank you for taking the time to read this untrained writer's words, and to give me encouragement.

It is a matter of time before I retire from teaching; sometimes I think soon isn't soon enough. I work a high stress job, and though I love it, I know it and wears me out and keeps me from doing other things that I want to do before my end.  I suspect though some of the things will be done for love, some will also have to be done for money, and I wonder if I am interesting enough to make a side living on my writing - my words are simple, though my thoughts can be quite complex and are difficult to sort.

I write from my heart.

I am here for one more day before I fly home.  Though I love spending time with my family, I miss my home, studio, garden, friends, and most of all, my husband. As soon as I get home I will be hitting the studio as I plan on sharing a booth with author friend Heather Rolland, who will be selling her two books - the settings of which take place in the Hudson Valley.  I will be selling my cards and small pieces of art.  It's been a while since I have done a show, so I figure it is a good time to be putting myself out in the public eye.

Photos taken by my old cell phone of a very dank day coming back from Andes on Route 28 near Mt. Tremper where I lived when I left #1.  I have a sketched out small study that I want to paint of the one with the three cabins.  It sums up the soggy mood of a time in my past.  I had to clean them off my phone as Megan has a Droid and she gave me her old LG which has a pull out keyboard and video capacities.  Much nicer than my basic LG.  Life IS good! 

NY here I come!

Patti o



I would be very interested in purchasing the painting you do of the three fabulous Catskill bungalows. It is an image that gives me solace.

Really wonderful.

Patti Gibbons said…
Why thank you Jane!!! I am doing a small one, and then plan to do one on a larger scale. I will keep in touch as they progress. I have a few shows this summer to remit to, and a cool small works show for Unison to create for. :) p

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