Summer is Arriving

I can taste it now.  Only 6 more teaching days left, followed by a few weeks of grading, proctoring and cleaning up the room.  Then FREEDOM to write, travel, paint, read, swim, garden, COOK.  And in the summer, all of it is pure joy and most of the time any work seems like play.  I look forward to the long days filled with light, to waking up late when I feel like it, and reading in bed. 

Summer seems early this year, as for a month I have been eating greens out of the garden and already some are bolting -  I am on my second sprouting of arugula plants. The wild roses have come and gone and today's wind and rain sent the remaining petals to the ground.  The day lilies are blooming -  something that usually happens in early July.  I  have a golden tan from sleeveless gardening and riding in the EOS.  Spring has been glorious here.

Stay tuned for more consistent blogging now that the pressures of school are slowly fading away for a while.  Blogs this week will feature the work of two local artists who are showing/have studios in Kingston, and my trip to Foxmor Farms. 

There will be much art, garden, and food chat, and whatever other stories seem fit to print here.

Tonight's photo was taken of Alanna last summer in the garden by Larry.  His darkroom is now up and running, the sink being fixed and a new ventillation system installed by our hero man Tom.  This photo represents the epitome of summer; time spent with children/grandchildren,  and play and creative time in the little paradise in my own back yard.   I understand why Monet did not have to travel far to be inspired.



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