Spring Trippin: Northern Dutchess Botanicals

I have been all over the Hudson Valley these past few weeks but due to the time demands of my job, family, garden, and friends,  I have not written much.   I do miss my nightly blog musings about what goes on in my head and in my somewhat adventurous world, and tonight I miss it so much that I have decided to put the 10,000 things aside, and share a place every evening until I catch up.

The only thing that keeps my adventures in order is the date stamp on my digital photos and my date book.  I used to keep a journal, but even that takes up too much time.  My recall is purely based upon the chronology of the photos on my memory card.

A few weeks ago we headed over to the Northern Dutchess Botanical Gardens as Larry wanted to check it out. Somehow in our miscommunication (residual dreck from the evening before) I thought we were visiting gardens, not a garden shop.  It was f-in HOT, I had a headache and was very short tempered.  I did not know whether to blame it on my hormones or on stress of the previous evening. 

Through the haze of an intense series of hot flashes and hot sun, I drove the EOS up the steep graveled driveway.   Turbos are not good for such grades unless you put it into its manual mode and drive in low gear.  Once the dust settled a bit, I saw an array of plants unlike anything else I have found at the few greenhouses I frequent - rows upon rows of perennials and annuals, neatly arranged alphabetically.

I wish I had felt better because I would have been a much more enthusiastic photographer and had clearer memories.   In between the thoughts of OH MY GOD I NEED TO SIT DOWN,  was  - WAIT, what is THAT plant??!!  What I do remember I captured here (always fish photos if fish are around)  and I went home with my favorite Victorian Heliotrope, and Larry's long sought after white Japanese anemones. 

The photo gallery on their website has much better photos than I could take that day, and it is a beautiful drive less than 30 minutes from Kingston.  Bring your SUV and a full wallet, as you will be wanting to drive home with a car full of plants that you have always dreamed of.

Patti O Flowers.


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