New WIP (work in progress)

The past two days I have managed to get some paint time in. The studio is pretty clean, table space available, and canvases begging to be reworked or started.  It's time that I kick into high gear.  I see the light changing, fading, and hear September calling.  I paint in desperation to hold onto the freedom of my summer, and during the time I stand in front of my canvases, I meditate on a plan to get through another year of teaching while keeping stress low and the work load manageable.  How do I balance being a full time teacher AND a full time artist?  How do I shift my thought from TEACHING TAKES AWAY MY ENERGY TO PAINT, into somehow getting energized from my teaching and bringing it home to the canvas? 

Photos are of two unfinished paintings; one is of  three little cabins that were hunkered down in the steamy mist of a leftover storm,  looking like they had very long faces, and the other an evening trip over the Hudson, location unknown as I don't remember where it is at the moment.  I am trying to capture the essence of color/light/mood and personal narrative in them.  It is a challenge, but the discovery is indescribable/euphoric/transformative.  Each needs some tweaking, then they go up on the wall and the next few get started.  Stay tuned....

And if interested in a painting, drop me an email. If you are local, stop by and see them. If you have a gallery space, offer me a show.  Or, if a vintner, a bottle or two is always welcomed, lol.


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