On The Road: The Deep South

It is another world here; it is almost surreal.  Spanish moss drips from trees, entire ferns grow along branches of trees, most of which I cannot identify. Everything seems to grow larger than life, from the leaves on the palm trees, to the bugs and the birds.  Lizards scoot away as we walk. Alligators appear and then disappear into the lagoons.  The ocean is huge. The boats are huge.

Anything glass that I have, ranging from my reading glasses, to the lens on my camera, fogs up instantly from the change of humidity and temps going in and out of A/C.  The head index is huge..today a 106.

The only thing that appears not to be huge are bathing suits; my underwear has more fabric than most two piece suits I have seen. 

Some of the churches are huge, and there are churches all over the place.

On the highways (not on Hilton Head--they don't allow this) the signs are huge, announcing cigarettes, fireworks, Jesus saves, and exotic girls, all in a quarter mile stretch of highway. 

Grits, gravy, unidentifiable fried foods.

I have been taking photos....when my lens isn't fogged.  I have been riding a bike, which allows me to see all the things you don't see from a speeding car. Today I hope to go into the forest preserve, it my butt isn't too sore from yesterdays 7 mile ride.  There are many bike paths here, and some in the more populated areas are lit at night.

Off to the shower to wash off the salt and whatever little grains of sand are still stuck in some body crevace.
Larry is running round sweeping up grains of sand that have worked their way inside despite our attempt to wash them out in the pool, outside showers etc.  I tell him it is a battle he just can't win.


Jennie said…
Ahhh...you're driving around in my childhood! Used to spend summers in Hilton Head, Tybee Island and Savannah. I'm so jealous!

Enjoy and be sure to try a Pecan Log from Stuckeys!

Best wishes and high hopes!
Jennie and the Pekes

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