What's YOUR favorite Idiom?

A few cards that I made today in the studio gave me a chuckle - one being something my mother used to say in the old days "S'occuper de ses oignons" which translates to "take care of your own onions", or in other words, MYOB, ANOTHER idiom I heard many times in my life (mind  your own business).  Somewhere along the line it became "mind  your own onions" in her English translation, but it still meant the same.

The phrase on the other card was from a book on Victorian dance/party etiquette about how UNCOOL it is to be a wallflower at someone's party.  But I think it could become an idiom for life---"only those who dance should accept invitations to the ball." In other words, in the idiom that Ex #1 used: "shit or get off the pot". 

Of course, there is the idiom I used one day to one of the farmers/vendors at the Saturday market, and that was when he said that he had heard about people burying pennies with their tomatoes to prevent the blight. I replied: "oh I will do it for shits and giggles".  He almost fell off his box when he heard that as it was something said in his family, and he had never heard anyone say it until I did.  (I think that also came from Ex #1's family who are die hard New Englanders)

And there was my mother yelling at us in Lithuanian something that sounded like "moo-shee gow-sa"
which meant we were going to get a beating. 

Post one of your idioms here.  I'd love to hear from my readers!!!!

Patti O Block


Bellsys said…
How about, "Saved by the Bell"? or "Not for Nothing", or "Like a chicken with his head cut off!" So many idioms so little time ;)!
Judy Vars said…
Oh you are going to love this one, my mother used to say it;
He is ringier than a sack of assholes.....

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