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Been very busy preparing for my Open Studio on Saturday, which is part of the Arts Society of Kingston's Tour.  I have a "soft opening" at the ASK gallery Thursday evening in order for people to see the work of the participating artists, and also meet them.  I don't think that I will stay the entire three hours, but I will show up.  I also have art in "Art on the Line" at Seven21 Gallery on Broadway in Kingston, and my 5 pieces are at the Unison Gallery at Water Street Market through next weekend.

I have not had time to write as I have been putting things away, and cleaning off surfaces in order to show my art, and serve libations.  I don't do it very often-- every 2-4 y years, as cleanliness in my studio is a conundrum.  Just how neat DO I have to have my studio for the public to visit?
I have cleaned up a lot of surface junk, cleverly hidden things under my working table and thrown covers over the tables.  No matter how much I clean will not cover up the fact that it is a busy place, with lots of things about, and spending a few moments in there will give you a good idea of what it is like to be inside of my head. 

Today I was a guess blogger on friend/artist Chaska Peacock's Blog ART ALCHEMY.

I was honored to be asked to write a blog on what inspires me, especially after a hiatus from the studio.  I realize that I could have written so much more, but I tried to distill it in as few words as I could.   I have not been writing much, mostly because I have to keep focused on the most important tasks at hand, which has been to be present as a teacher for my students, and prepare for having my studio open to the public.

Be back soon! 



Doe Grozs Art said…
Hi. Came over from Chaska's blog. Almost "neighbors"..We usually stay in Phoenicia, on the Esopus. Love the area, but haven't gone into Kingston.. not sure why. You mentioned the water being low.. my guess is that it isn't anymore since this crazy rain.
Chaska and I traveled to Peru together.. Fun and Creative!

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