Reasonable or Free: Part II

Another freebie (or could be very expensive, depending upon whether you take out your wallet) was the visit to Eataly, in the Toy Building at 200 Fifth Ave. between 23rd and 24th streets.

Having just opened two days before, it was packed. and we had gone at noon, lunch hour for most people.  I caught founder Oscar in a photo (on right) while I was wandering around the massive building full of various foods and restaurants, thanks to Frannie who noticed that it was him.  (I am one of those people who could have a movie star or president right in front of me and I would never know it.  When I was at the bar at the Bear Cafe, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke were across from me and I thought..who are they, they look familiar, lol)  I felt like I had walked straight into Europe, reminiscent of the markets I went to in Valencia.   English was a second language, and wished friend Gabrielle (author of "Dirty Italian") was there to translate the conversations of the many Italians who had flocked to visit, as well as the labels on the food. 

We did not spend any money THIS TIME, but will be back when I am flush,  to snack, and bring some goods back home - pastas, hams and sausage, cheeses, wines..

Another stop was at the Chelsea Hotel, home to many famous writers/musicians such as Bob Dylan, Arthur C. Clark, Sid Vicious, and others, who met, wrote, and possibly even murdered there. The lobby was a mini museum of artwork, and it was fun people watching, one of my favorite free hobbies.  I hope that the talent of so many people who passed through the doors will rub off on me during my brief visit, and someday I would like to just go in, sit in the lobby, and sketch.  I wonder if anyone would ever stop me or throw me out.. Somehow I doubt it. 

Final stop that day was The Family Jewels, an incredible (but expensive) vintage clothing store that sells vintage clothes from 1980's and older.  The clothing was in impeccable shape, and had I more time, I would have tried on some of the dresses.  A skirt from the 70's made out of a recycled quilt went for 169.00, and a dress from the 30's had a 495.00 price tag on it.  It makes me want to dig out my vintage clothes (which also date from the 20's to the 50's) and put them on eBay or bring them down to be sold, though I suspect that if I got 10.00 for a piece of clothing, I'd be lucky.   I have some lovely pieces, many of which no longer fit me as I no longer have a 5'7" frame that weighs in at 115. 

Though I wish I had some money to spend,  we had a blast discovering places that we might have otherwise passed by, and laughing..two good friends on an adventure, happy to be alive, in NY and in one another's company.  It's all good.

patti o



I have heard amazing things about this new eatery from Mario. Can't wait to see it for myself. You are so lucky to be able to get to the city often...yet it is still an adventure, isn't it?

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