Reasonable or Free: Part III

 Money is tight this year, probably right through January.  In a way, I am glad as perhaps it will push me into doing the real life homework for a book I want to publish - even if I have to publish it myself.  I am not going to talk about it as I don't want someone else to take my idea and run with has happened a few other times in my life. And it smarts when that happens on two levels--you feel betrayed and robbed (esp. when it is by someone you know and have talked to), and you want to kick yourself in the ass for not taking the ball and running with it.

I am back in the Hudson Valley for a while now, perhaps taking day trips here and there. No stays at the Red Lion, or at any other place for that matter, unless it has a free couch/bed/air mattress to sleep on.  But I am restless, and as long as I have gas money and a few dollars in my pocket, I am on the move.

Yesterday was a fabulous day  - 74 degrees according to the EOS, and I rode around with the top down.  That in itself is a mini vacation, but I grabbed my friend, and we headed to the Ashokan Reservoir for a walk.  You can do a 5.6 mile walk there, but we opted to do half the distance as the both of us can still feel the effect of a 2+ mile walk on our legs/hips, though my ankle seems to be holding up pretty well these days.  At over 50, I have learned to listen to my body, and not push it further than I should. 

The walk was stunning...and as we walked I took photos.  We wished we had a boat and a fishing license so that we could be drifting on the serene water, surrounded by the Catskills.  When I walk   I think about the foundations of the towns that lie beneath New York City's water supply, and the stories the stones whisper. Occasionally, when the water is low (which is was yesterday) you can see the remains of what I imagine to be walls, foundations, or detritus from the construction which took place over 100 years ago.

Afterwards, Karin and I were thirsty and craved a beer.  Since Skytop was on the way home, at the end of Route 28, we stopped in.  We sat outside, with a view of the traffic circle and some of the buildings in Uptown Kingston.  We were disappointed to learn that they are no longer brewing beer there, but soon will be serving their brews from the Hyde Park Brewery. We opted for a Brooklyn East India Pale Ale, and split an artichoke and asagio dip w/pita bread.  Fin, our waitress was not only adorable, but kind, smart, and a great waitress. Tab for each - including a nice tip (I always tip well) was 11.00.
And for the price ticket of about a gallon of gas, food/drink and 3 hours of fun, it was well worth it.

A  photo of the view from the restaurant, and a panoramic view of the reservoir.  You can click on the photos to see them larger.

Till the next adventure...

Patti and friends


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