Stayin' Alive

A friend of mine wrote to me basically saying "Am worried. No blog, no email back from you. Are you OK? Hope nothing bad happened". 

I work two jobs. 8 hours a day as an art teacher to youth at risk, then on the days I don't have faculty or union meetings, I go home to private students, orders to fill, or shows to get ready for.  I do the job of 2-3 people in the course of a day.  

But I love my life. Every single f'in second of it.

I take it one day at a time. Every day above the ground is a good one I say.

My night of total abandon is Saturday at the Moby/Mercury Rev concert at the Woodstock Animal Shelter.  I plan on staking my claim in a field, and taking in the experience. I'll be the one looking like Joni, dancing under the stars.

Photo of the Mid Hudson Bridge. I love bridges.
The metaphors....the structures.

I am still very much alive.



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