Day #1

After my sister and her family left following our Christmas/New Year celebration,  I took a few moments to reflect upon the first day of the New Year.  I spent a few moments to read first installment of The Book of Awakening. Day #1:  rejoice in being a unique and special human being, and be aware - of the magic/joy/mystery/beauty of it all.

I sat and reminisced about the day that I had just experienced with my family, a dopey grin spread across my face.   It was a day of Santa coming, opening presents, playing with presents, , having a snack-fest, more play, more food.  The children were deeply integrated into the fun and the house was filled with noise and laughter. We  played like the children did, silly in our antics and trickery.

I walked away from my day, elated with the joy of play and laughter.  It was contagious.  A houseful of happy laughing people is a wonderful event, it is true celebration of the human spirit at its best. 

And what makes it even more precious, is that my sister and I had been on the outs with one another over some family matters. They were important matters, but in the big picture, most of it was poppycock.  Our relationship was in a period of suspended animation, wrapped in anger and hurt, good times frozen in the past. The feeling did not wear well, it was awkward and unfamiliar.

It did not last long. We faced it, cleansed wounds so that they would heal. We forgave, and though we may not forget, we will remember that it bought us a lesson and bought us together ever tighter than before.

Day #1 was about love.  It is the gift we have as humans, a  noble gift to give and to receive.

The you must be wondering how this all ties in...was my sister and I dressing up as Krampus after Santa had come.  We certainly confused the household, lurking around the house in our vintage crepe Halloween masks that I had  bought at an ephemera show.  It was good for a chuckle at the very least.



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