Mid January Blues

Tonight Larry and I stripped the Christmas tree of its tin and glass icicles and  ornaments. I am always sad to put them away.  I find delight and comfort in the twinkle of the white lights, the glow from the tree topper that dances across the ceiling, sips of glugg, and nibbles of cookies and chocolate on long cold winter nights. 

Tonight was the end of the glugg, and the end of the tree.

I am already planning on what to put up next to help get us through another cold month.  Perhaps a valentine tree made from a branch from a fallen tree in the woods, decked with lights and handmade valentines.  Maybe candles, and flowers in bud vases along the mantle.  Maybe I will leave up some garland to decorate......and make some raspberry Linzer Tarts. Something, oh something to bring charm, delight, surprise and some magic to the last few months of winter. 

Oh where oh where are those valentines.........

(top photo by Moi, and the bottom by Larry)


Andrea said…
January is the cruelest month. The only thing good about it is Alyssa's birthday. Sometimes, once in a blue moon, it snows. Otherwise, it sucks.

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