Day #2 - Get Rid of the Baggage

Yesterday's reading boiled down to: Get Rid of the Baggage so that you can be peaceful, and get to the next level in life.

It is a lesson I have to frequently learn. I think it is part of the human condition, to carry around baggage, whether it is emotional or physical.  There is an odd comfort in that baggage, even if it keeps us back from what we want or need to do, or to be happy.

I had to examine my life for a few moments, to see where I am most jammed up.  Right now,  it is  my career.  I am at a major turning point, whether by fate or by decision.  For certain I know it  involves change - and I have to keep in mind that change is not always bad.  Fear needs to be left outside the door so that I can go forward with grace, trust in myself, and that all will be well.

I also have a cluttered and disorganized house.  Job clutter, art clutter, bills and paperwork clutter.  After a crazy day at work, I want to come home to visual tranquility.    It isn't always there.  So I have been starting with drawers and closets, tossing out what I don't need, organizing what is left, and continuously downsizing and creating an environment that makes more sense.

I feel charged with the start of the New Year.  It is the start of what I feel is a new me, a new life ahead.
If I practice being in the moment, I will leave fear by the wayside, and I can step boldly into my new future.

Tonight's art: pastel drawing titled: Stillness


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