Art For the 99%

I have a page on Facebook, called Art for the 99%.  I also have a page for Patti Gibbons Art, and then my own Facebook page, each one serving a slightly different purpose. 

I also have three stores on Etsy, because they consist of three different facets of my art.  1) the art  2) the stuff the art is made with 3) the naughty left of center art/cards.

I can't just stick with one thing in my art or my life because I have some many things that I do and   love.  It's just all so EXCITING. Of course, it does make for a complicated life at time.

But back to the Art for the 99%.  It is a page that is primarily used for  feng shui-ing out  art so that I can make room to make new pieces AND to be able to keep income rolling in so that the studio propane bill can be paid.  So far I have moved a few paintings this way, and their owners are delighted . I am happy that they are happy and I go back to the studio to make more more more. 

The painting of the month, which is posted above, is a  6 x 12" oil on canvas. It is of snow on a gravel/sand pile on Route 9 north heading towards Olana. It is a surreal landscape, but it seems even more surreal that when I drive by that same spot,  in mid January, it is devoid of snow and ice.
In fact, some of the geese are still hanging around, and once in a while, I see another group finally pull out of the fields to head south.  I miss the snow storms which chase me into the studio to work as the snow flies... 

Here's to some snow on the ground tonight, and a delay at the very least. If you are missing the snow, you could buy this painting and stare at it pretending it is the window.  Oh, and it's 50.00.  A deal.

Patti O 


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