Looking at Houses

I have been very happy where I have lived for the past 20 years, in a simple, 1600+ sq ft. colonial revival home nestled in a fabulous neighborhood located in a small city a few miles from the Hudson River.  It is amply decorated with family heirlooms and garage sale finds, and lots of  art.

I have a lovely studio in half of my garage,  a decent yard with 7 raised beds where we attempt to grow as much as we can on our little piece of earth.  It is enhanced by cottage style gardens with flowers and veggies mixed in. 

But lately Larry and I have been toying with the idea of moving further north, to the area where Thomas Cole and Frederick Church spent their life painting the majesty of the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains.  Larry's family is up there, and we are very close.  The area is beautiful, nostalgic, and inspirational.  And it is filled with lovely historic homes.

We have to be able to trade the value of our house for another home, preferably a house with a view, and a large room with good light for a  photo studio for Larry, with a DRY basement for a darkroom, or similar space, and an art studio for me, where I can teach. 

We checked out a few houses this past weekend. It was really fun to see what the old Victorians look like on the inside.  Tonight's photos are of one that is one of the best streets in town, with a splendid entrance and living room, and a walk to the river (you can see squeaks of the river from the 2nd story porch)...but the rest of the house needed work, and had small rooms/bathrooms.  It still has lots of potential, but unless it is minimal cosmetic work, I want move-in condition-unless I win the lottery and I can afford to buy either what I want, or restore it to my specs.

I am not one who likes change, and HATES to move, but as we enter the our "golden years" we are musing about what we want our final years to look like, and how we will spend out time in a joyful and creative way.

For now we are looking at what's out there, working on our house ...for either our next move, or for making what we have more workable and perhaps a bit larger.  In the mean time I am enjoying looking at houses, and thinking about what might be next!


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