The Lucie Awards

I am still in recovery from the late Wednesday night jaunt to New York City.  I don't do going till 3 AM well, and I am still feeling hungover from lack of sleep.

The organization Larry has worked for the past 17 or so years,  "The Center for Photography" was awarded a Lucie Award which was presented at Lincoln Center. I knew it was going to take a feat of mightiness to make it with my schedule, and I did not want to go.  More stress. But when I saw Larry's face when I insinuated that it was OK if he went without me, I bit my tongue and just moaned for a few days about how difficult it was going to be to pull this off, and about how I was not going to be able to wear my little black cocktail dress because I have no pretty shoes that my feet/ankle will tolerate trekking thru NY. 

The Metro North ride along the Hudson River is beautiful in any weather, so I shot many photos on the way down. We all met up at the Radio City Apartments which reminded me of my grandmother's apartment in Brooklyn, (a little depressing) then a cab ride to Alice Tully Hall.  More photo ops, shot from the cab...which was not moving too quickly through Times Square at 5:30.

It was a balmy 70 something, and the storms were moving out. Perfect evening for a martini, and a ceremony celebrating Photography.  Though I was excited for the organization,  I secretly thought that they should have given Larry a longevity award as he has been there longer than any of the employees now working there.  He's been there half of its 33 years of operation.  But, like his art, he does it out of love, and not for any grandeur. 

It was an interesting evening meeting some of the people that Larry has known for a long time, and who make a lot of things possible for CPW.  I was thrilled to see Michael Nyman win the "Double Exposure Award", reserved for someone who works in multiple mediums.  He is a composer, and I am always moved by his score to the movie The Piano, a movie which set me back 5 years in therapy.  He also wrote the score for Man on a Wire, a movie about the walk Woodstock resident  Philippe Petit did between the Twin Towers
in the 70's.  (ps one of my other favorite movies scores of all times is by Ennio Morricone from The Mission, starring High Falls resident Aiden Quinn.)

 The work was inspiring, moving, humorous, and entertaining. I am glad that I did not miss the show, and the experience with my husband.

Now, this weekend, I need to kick back a bit, buy some food for the empty refrigerator, make some art, and take care of some business before I have to be on the run again.

Here's to FFF


JoAnn said…
Congratulations to CFP and how nice of Larry to be able to accept it on their behalf. Good for you for going, sure it may take you a week to recover, but it was worth it, no? Larry looks so debonair! Perfect for NYC.

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