Paint Out at Olana

Last weekend's Open Studio was fab. Most of the people who came were friends who always support me - four of them were high school classmates who were in town to attend our reunion. I was psyched to show them what I have been doing the past 35 years.  I was hoping that more locals would have stopped by out of curiosity, but I was thrilled to see so many of my friends and fellow artists. I made enough money to cover my expenses, and add some fuel to the tank. (at this time of year that is what I have to think of)  

My only day off was Sunday, so Larry and I went for breakfast at Dolce,  then headed up to Olana.  It was their "paint out" which I did not participate as I had too much on my plate.  But I was lucky to see friend and artist extraordinaire Jane Bloodgood-Abrams who was just pulling in when we were.  She has a show at the Carrie Haddad gallery in Hudson, NY, and The Hyde Art Museum purchased one of her paintings for their collection.  That is quite an honor to be among the Picassos and Rembrandts!  Jane's work is reminiscent of the Hudson River School of painting, but with her own color palette and style.  The painting I have pictured here is only the first step. Jane works in layers of fine glazes, And, she is as lovely as her paintings in all ways. 

Yesterday I spent an afternoon with artists Pamela Hastings and Loel Barr.  Pamela is visiting from her home in Port Angeles, and is teaching at Art Is You this weekend in Danbury, CT, and promoting her book HOT FLASH: A CELEBRATION, which features the art and writing of many artists, including MOI! We took a trip to the Zaborski Emporium where we all shopped for art "stuff".  Below are photos of what I picked up for 20.00. Beautiful small Victorian frames (186-1880's), a Victorian Paper holder (not pictured and could be used as a lethal weapon), a box of cardboard letters that smell like Grandma's attic (good smell) and a few metal fancy rings that are the decorative ring that went on sockets (or something like that)  Not sure what I am going to do with those, but am thinking a series of Peep Shows...with all these ideas, I had better live to 150.

Off to find something to eat. I am too tired to cook, and it has taken me DAYS to write this blog. Don't know if it is writer's block or exhaustion.  I hope to get into the studio for the three day weekend, but if the weather is beautiful, it is hard to resist traveling through the magical Hudson Valley!




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