Super Lunch Bag !!!

I found this at the gift shop at Olana. 

A Two's Company  BOHO CHIC insulated, zippered LARGE lunch bag.  It is lined with that metallic insulated space age looking material which is good for keeping the hot - hot, and with an ice pack, the cool- cool.  The entire bag is fun and retro inside and out. 

I can't wait to try it out. Looks like it will hold my baggies full of goodies, yogurt, drinks, an ice pack if needed.  Or those hot egg sandwiches that I sometimes pick up on the way into work for me and the kids. 

Unfortunately, Amazon is sold out, and now so is Olana. 

Oh I am such a bag hound. 

Next: meet Jane Bloodgood-Abrams at her paint out on the Hudson at Olana.

Patti O Bag


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