Only Treats for Me

Babe in the Woods 5 x 7" framed in antique frame. Encaustic on wood panels.
Vampire World 6 x 6" Encaustic on Wood Panel
I spent this weekend doing only what I wanted; no more, no less.

The jaunt at the Farmer's Market netted me my victuals for the week, as well as lively conversation with artist Marko Shuhan  whose inspirational paintings revealed to me the beauty of line, color and form in abstraction. 

I met Marko when he worked at R and F Paints and gallery, which was in the same building as Studio 8, the gallery that I ran for a year with Lois.  It was above the Kitchen Supply store in the historic Millard Building on Broadway in Kingston.

Come first Saturday, the building rocked.  There were several other galleries besides ours-  R and F (usually the main draw), Joel Mandelbaum's gallery, as well as Bardet Wardel's (Everyday Goddesses) studio, which later became Mandy, the Mad Hatter's space.  There were a few businesses there too, which made it a bit tricky for noise as there were massages, yoga classes, and acupuncture going on during the hours we were hanging shows, or featuring an late evening soiree, many times with live music by well known local talent. 

We hosted which might have been one of the first Erotica shows in Kingston, as well as one on War and Peace while Megan served as a soldier and diesel mechanic in Iraq.  Sometimes the shows were controversial and painful, other times pure poetry through the visual arts.

Marko and I laughed that it was one of the best times of our lives, and what was even better about it was that we were pretty sober during that time...and we STILL had that much fun.

This afternoon, I am hiding from all the Trick or Treaters. I will call up a friend, or hide in the house with the lights off, doing my school work, or watching a movie. Larry is always working in Woodstock that day, and I never participate.  They come in carloads, imported from the less affluent areas of the city.  I don't blame them.  I loved when my kids went trick or treating here..they came home with jars of local honey, good chocolate bars, etc. The only treats I am going to have is a drink and an appetizer in some city eatery, using the money I would have used on candy.Sorry, the economy has really hit hard on this purse this holiday season.

Oh, and I have included a way to purchase my art should you love it. I hope it is not too obnoxious. I would never want to annoy my readers. But us artists have to get our art out in as many ways as we can. Never let it be said that I don't try! Now off to update my website too!!

Patti O Vampire


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