The Bus Station....

I had started feeling sorry for myself Sunday morning because I had to go back to work after having 10 days off. Oh poor me. I had too many parties to go to, and too many evenings of entertaining. I was tired and needed a vacation from the vacation. I felt a tweak of guilt knowing not all people have off between Christmas and New Years, and some people have no family and friends TO party with, and many had no money to buy gifts.  

But what really humbled me - was the ride past the Trailways bus station. A young soldier, in his desert fatigues, was saying goodbye to his family, their arms wrapped around one another in a somber huddle.

Tears came to my eyes while thinking of my son in law in Afghanistan who was not with his wife and children for the holidays, and I ached for Megan, sick and alone, in Tennessee....our first holiday with out her and the children since Iraq.

I flashed back to the emotional memory when Megan had to go back to Iraq after her two week leave.  Though she was thrilled to see her family and friends, saying goodbye was probably one of the hardest things we all had to do, knowing she was going back to fight a war.  Though I pushed it back as far as I could in the recesses of my mind and possibility, I always this the last goodbye? Will I see my baby girl again?

The experience smarted like a slap in the face. My heart ached for those who are far from their loved ones, and for those who have lost their loved ones due to war, illness, or misfortune.  And I felt stupid for feeling sorry for myself...and for being so self centered.

As I drove, I made a mental list of all that I am grateful job, my family and friends, my house, my art, the ability to feel and receive love, and for my freedom and my health...and when Monday morning came, I greeted it with a smile.

Happy New Year to you all. No matter what your political views, be grateful for what you have, and say a prayer,  or keep those who are less fortunate in your thoughts.  Be generous in love and in gifting what you can. 

Peace, love, and resolution in 2011

photo of Megan in Iraq, holding the photo of me that she tucked into her helmet.....which she kept for strength and comfort.


Anonymous said…
OMG Megan looks so young in that picture (she was young). So many are so young. I think about Megan's account of Thanksgiving at war. I hope I never forget it. Thanks for reminding us all of how much we have.
Jennie said…
Hi there,
This is a truly lovely post.

Best wishes,
Jennie and the Pekes

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