Photoshop is Dangerous

It's the first night that Larry has left to teach a class at Marist since last spring.  Though I enjoy having him home, I am very comfortable with being alone, working in the studio, or working online listing my cards and collectibles in various venues.

It is time I get to think, to play, and sometimes socialize without having to worry that I am leaving Larry out of it.

Tonight as I was scanning Valentines to sell on Etsy, I came across this one which read:"Who Wouldn't Blow About a Guy Like You".  Now I think the person who designed this back in the 1940s knew what he/she was doing.  Photoshop had not been invented, but I am sure that they knew someday someone would have a field day with the card, as I did.  Those who know me, know that I could NEVER leave this card alone.

The clone tool is one of the Photoshop tools I use quite often for retouching, and used it to get rid of just one little word.  Presto, instant crack-up.

I hope you laughed a bit...otherwise I feel like a total jerk sitting here amusing myself
with such juvenile  things.

:) Patti


Jennie said…
Oh my gosh, the minute I opened your blog and saw that I was gone. I've been laughing for a good 3 minutes.

I hope you are well and staying somewhat warm up there.

Best wishes,
Jennie and the Pekes
Andrea said…
Count me among the juveniles! I had a "wtf" moment until you explained what the card said originally.

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