My Favorite Kitchen Toys

I am sitting here eating a bowl of vegetable stew flavored with the African spices of coriander, cumin, and cinnamon, watching The Third Man on my new digital cable, thinking about how I love toys, all kinds of toys. Art toys. Kitchen toys. Electronic toys. Kids toys.  Adult toys.  Boy toys. (just kidding).
I love my electronic toys most, though it is close tie with my kitchen toys. I have a few things that I have used for years, over and over, and I don't know what my life would be without them.
 No. 1 is my Braun Submersible Blender w/attachments. I blend my cream soup right in the pot, and then attach it to a small container and whip up the salad-dressing-of-the-day. 
No. 2 is my Salad Shooter.  I got one when I was married to #1 about 20 years ago, and finally some of the parts broke because they were brittle from use, though the motor was still going strong. My son bought me another one for Christmas and now I can once again make my potato pancakes and cheddar broccoli soup. And if I get really mad at Larry, I can shoot him with edible bullets.
No. 3 is my blender for pesto and margaritas - used lots in the summer.
No. 4 is my juicer which I should use more than I do.
No. 5 is a little stocking stuffer that my sister gave me a few years ago- a milk frother for making cafe o' lait and hot chocolate, great after shoveling or playing in the snow. 
No. 6 is my mixer for the few times I bake, or make whipped cream.
No. 7 are the food processors which I don't use much as I can use the blender for such activities, and No. 1 can do some of that work if small amounts.
 No. 8 is my coffee pot---which used to be NO. 2 or 3 until I stopped drinking coffee.
No.9 --- my crock pot, which I wish I used more to cook with, but am a bit leery since I burned a dish that I tried in it some time ago.
No 10. My electric knife-which is about 10-15 years old.  It is used once a year.

HOWEVER-  we have a newcomer, a Christmas toy from Larry that I have not yet tested a  OXO Mandolin.  I have never been able to make Japanese Cucumber Salad, potato chips, scalloped potatoes, etc. the way I wanted to.  I am envisioning roasting veggies for dinner, and thinner slices for snacks. I  need to have a dinner so that I can make a huge pan of potatoes gratin.  And, if my cucumber crop is anything like it was last year, I will make pickles for all of my friends.

Off to find the finish off the evening.  Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt. Yummmmm


Jane K. Schott said…
Patti, I am also getting my first smart phone and choose to go with an iPhone from Verizon due to the fact that I have an Apple and want to stay with that format.

I was in your neck of the woods last week with the Werbalowsky's on Pearl Street. I love that neighborhood that you live in.

Onward through the cables!
ksnote said…
I like your kitchen toys. Happy Holidays...

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