Into the 21st Century

For those of you who are around "my age" there was a TV show called The 21st Century, which was hosted by Walter Cronkite.  I believe it followed the Disney hour, and it talked about the latest in science....whether astronomy, oceanography, geology, genetics etc.

Well, here we are, 10 years into the  21st century, a time where technology is developed and updated faster than I can type, and in my lifetime I am amazed at how technology has changed in transportation, video/audio/photography, and graphics.

In my trying to keep up with technology I have had to learn about Smart Phones,  I cables, Flip Video Cams, iMacs, iPhones,iTunes, iPads, and learn acronyms such as HD 3d LCD LED, HDMI etc.

I am in the middle of doing a major upgrade to my technology, and just bought a Smart Phone. I am LOVING my Droid, and have quickly gotten over the fact that Verizon is going to get a chunk of my money every month.  As long as I can get a signal, I can call, text, email, take photos, HD videos, read books, check up on my businesses and Facebook.  I have only started to learn how much it can do, and I am hooked.

I also bought a BluRay player which has wireless, and I can stream Netflix, YouTube etc. onto my TV.  I just put in digital cable, and will be looking to purchase  LCD TV with a screen larger than 19" to watch those 1000 movies that I must see before I die. 

Technology is moving SO fast that my 2007 iMac won't run some of the software and apps that I want/need,  and the stroll past the new Macs put obscene thoughts into my head.

Tonight's photos were taken by my Droid, uploaded to Facebook, and captured off Facebook onto this blog.  Two of the photos look like they are from another age.  Note the "ghost" in the blue photo.  The bottom is my VW Emblem on my EOS steering wheel.  Not bad for a cell phone.

Patti O Tech


Judy Vars said…
Good For you! Half the time I cannot locate my cell phone. My son said treat it like it's your baby, I still lost it. My daughter said that's a sign that your an "older" when you cannot find your cell phone.
It's a good excuse to check out and not be available every minute of the day.

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