All in a Day's Play

I am registered with Michael's craft store to get email coupons.  Most of the time I get one for 40% off one item, and one for 60% off custom framing - which I never use because I am my own framer. 

This week was the mother load of coupons, and to make a long story short, I bought 8 canvases, 7 tubes of paint (some expensive tubes) a set of colored graphite pencils that I have been coveting for a LONG time, and some colored charcoal pencils - all for 100.00.   It was an orgasmic experience.  I think my heaven  will be working in an art supply store after retiring from teaching art.....and I will be like Salad Fingers and his rusty spoons, getting great pleasure out of touching the rows and rows of art supplies.......

Full of resounding vibes from my purchase, I went into the studio to paint for the afternoon.  I finished up the Mt. Tremper Bungalows then worked on another painting which has been an ongoing project.
The painting has taken on many forms, this being one of the final ones.  It is imaginary;  it reflects a combo of images and memories in my head.  I took a photo of it with my Droid using Retro Camera and honestly, I like it better than the painting.  It reminds me to simplify, and less is sometimes more.  So much for the painting, and I am going to finish it, let it go - and get out those new pencils, and work on abstracting it.

All in a day's play. 

Tomorrow - back to the classroom!



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