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I received an email in response to yesterday's post. After I read it I felt rather badly, and immediately wrote back, telling Michael that for the most part I do use my local art supply stores.  Those of you who know me know that I can't stand the "box" stores, but somehow, because the chain store Michael's contains art supplies, I forgot it was one of "those" stores, and that spending my money there is not the most economically wise thing to do in these difficult times.

Michael also told me that such stores often hike their prices way up, so that even with the 40% discount coupon you aren't getting that big a deal.

So remember folks, that if you can, make the most of your money buy purchasing from local  individually owned businesses.  You are doing everyone a big favor, rather than benefiting corporate America! Read about their 3/50 Project and when you are in town visit the Newburgh Art Supply Store!

Hi Patti,

Caught your recent blog post on google alerts.  As an small,independent art store owner, and artist of sorts myself, I can relate. It may be daunting up here in the Hudson Valley to find supplies in
spite of being home to many artists.  A lot of the reason is the internet, but also the big box chain stores like Michael's.

We opened our shop almost 3 years ago because it was so frustrating finding quality supplies by us- and by our friends and acquaintances.  I can tell you that it is a joy to work in such a shop.  The customers are the greatest and we get to interact with everyone who comes in.  It's how we determine our orders and it's our friendliness, experience and advice that bring them back.  Try that in a Michael's!

You're really lucky up in the Kingston area because there are 7 or 8 independent retailers/suppliers all within a half hour driving distance.  I'd just like you to understand that if you'd truly want to work in one after you retire, our survival depends on customers to support us.  We may be more expensive with some things, but we also have products you're unlikely to find in a chain and too big or expensive to ship- and the convenience sometimes trumps all the rest of the reasons.  If more artists spent a small amount each month at their local art supply retailer, it would go very far in continuing a business that will give back more than coupons ever could.

Btw, great job with the blog!

Sincerely, Michael


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