Snow Daze

Today is the second snow day in a row, and I savor the time that I am forced to stay indoors by the terrorist weather channel propaganda, and the simple fact that I have a car that sucks in the snow. I am a teacher, I work very hard for these snow days, and I simply just don't go out.  If you have a truck with a plow, or a Hummer, then you can entice me.  If the sun breaks through and miraculously melts everything and the birds start singing, I might go out. But otherwise, I stay put.

Snow days mean I can sleep in a few hours more after the snow chain call, and I actually get enough rest to make up for all the hours I am up with night sweats.  I get to take a long steamy shower instead of feeling like I ran through a car wash.  I eat my breakfast when I am hungry, and it lasts past noon. I work on the taxes with relaxation while I watch a movie. I might do some house beautification, which is my new mindful way of saying house cleaning.  I spend some time listing art or paper in my Ebay and Etsy shops, do some marketing or searching for shows to consider, and I try and get out to the studio for a bit to make art.  Late afternoon we start a fire.  I cook a pot of soup or some conglomeration of veggies and I love every wonderful moment of this gift of a day.

Oh, and did I mention, I get to blog - one of my loves  - too often cast into the back seat of life.

And then, when the fire dies out,  the last piece of chocolate devoured,  I crash.  I realize that all this time off comes with a price, and that price is going to be a loss of my Easter break, which this year, is late enough for me to get garden prep work done to be ready for the peas and the greens. 

I dread actually getting UP at six, instead of answering the phone and going back to sleep.  I dread the kids who will be as cranky as I am, and know I will have to figure out something to make us all feel better about what we are doing together at 8:15 in the morning with me saying TIME TO MAKE ART, while our hands and faces bear creases - evidence of deep sleep.

But the day is young, and I won't go there yet.  There is still so much to do and enjoy yet....

patti o snowed in

Amaryllis which was given to me as a bulb for xmas. Love the color and now am working on some paper whites.


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