From the Heart

I just have to get through all of this - the cold, the ice, the lack of sun, the difficulty of watching my aunt do the final crumble and leaving us to pick up the pieces and move her into an adult assisted living residence.

When she left her home for that ride to the hospital, she had no idea that this was how it was going to end.

Neither did we. 

But it did, it is done, and she is safe, and we take the rest of the situation day by day.  We do what we can do, no more, no less.

I have done a nose dive a few times under the covers, refusing to come out - not to play, not to party, not to eat, not to visit.  I just want the dark, the electric blanket, and the drone of CNN or the Weather Channel to drown out the chatter in my head.

But I pick myself up pretty regularly, dust myself off, and go onto the next thing. Fortunately Larry has been sensitive to my needs, and took good care of me this Valentine weekend; the symphony, a lovely Valentine's dinner, a bag of chocolate and teas.  And always the lovely special piece of jewelry.

I made him a  Valentine collage that I framed, and an iPhone - ok a fake phone made  of cardboard wrapped in a risque box, as they could not deliver it till today.  Through all of my stress humor and my art is what has kept me going, and the love of family and friends.    

So tonight I leave you with my Valentine art. The Blow cards were a huge success and I suspect about 30 men got lucky.  Larry......well, I didn't give him one of those cards...because he had seen it in progress.  But he still took a raincheck.



Jane K. Schott said…
Hang in there Patti...the days of Spring and a drive around the lovely reservoir are on their way.

I LOVED the Blow Valentine!
tangled stitch said…
The weather has been sort of atrocious up until the last few days. But even though the cold will return sooner rather then later in a month from now those cold snowy achy days will be fewer and far between. blessings to you.

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