From Hearts to Shamrocks

Valentine's Day was barely over before I went into full steam ahead production for St. Patrick's Day. I know that is not a huge card sending holiday, but I have been asked to put my cards in the Storefront Gallery again for their show next month, which is featuring paintings by an Irish artist.

In the cold dreary months, I am desperate for ways to make money to pay the studio's heating bill.  I feel like I work to pay the heat, but at least a few paintings get done along the way, which makes it more palatable. 

Much of the greeting card design that I do is "bricolage", a fancy seductive word which basically means making art out of materials that you have on hand, which is the detritus in my studio.

Now I do cheat a bit.  I found a few things on Etsy and eBay that fit into the genre of work that I do, but the majority of the papers and ribbons etc. that find their way into my work are what I have laying around from another project, another shopping trip.

The St. Patrick Day cards are made from three things: postcards from my collection, some FAB place cards I found on Etsy that depict a white terrier in a top hat smoking a pipe, and WWII corsage pins with ribbon that say ERIN GO BRACH.  There is a finite amount of each of the things, so I will make a maximum amount of 20-30 cards.

For now they are listed on Etsy in both my shops Pagibbons and Nurserycrimes, and when the show opens in two weeks, I will probably pull what is left from my shop and bring them to the gallery, and hope that THIS month does not bring a snow storm like what happened to last month's openings.

Have anyone special in your life that is Irish, or just want to surprise someone with a card? Stop by my shop and see what's happening there on a daily basis. 

Patti O' Artist


Jennie said…
These are great!

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