Lazy Valley Sloggin

The past few weekends have been gifts of some beautiful days, though I am not happy that I am easing out of sandals and into socks, that bare legs will have to don tights save for a day or two of Indian Summer, by which time I will be pale and not bare much skin anyway.

I know it's over - the summer and the heat, as today I heard the sqabbling in my dogwood tree. Looking out, I saw various species of birds flying in and out of the tree in pairs, including Titmice, Robins, Flickers, and Blue Jays. Each time they left the tree, they left with the berry from the dogwood. This berry is a favorite among migrating birds as it is higher in lipids providing them with lots of energy for the journey home. Today was the annual Dogwood Berry Dive.

I wish I had a video camera. I stood for a long time amazed at the birds aggression at ravishing my tree. From time to time there were some bully birds, though it seemed that at one point each species was taking turns screaming at each other. However, as one of my FB friend Anita said, "they figured it out without a gun or starting a war".

I am sure come morning, the tree will be bare, the birds will be gone, and my peppers killed by the cold because I forgot to pick them tonight. Or maybe the mighty Hudson will keep us a few degrees warmer for another night.

I need to get my pumpkins.

Patti O Cooler....

Photos of my ride home from the mountains.


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