A Night of Simple Fun

6:00 pm Judi, Colette, and I hit Columbia Costume in uptown Kingston, NY for a costume for Halloween. Colette already had her costume, and it was evident after spending a few hours with her in there, that she knew the store well.

It was a fun time, trying on masks that looked like something out of a Fellini film, or the film "Eyes Wide Shut". We took photos of one another, which promptly ended when we saw the sign that said NO PHOTOGRAPHY. Uh oh.

I tried on an Egyptian costume, but it was one of the less expensive ones, and it looked like it. Thin clingy nylon (and not in the right places either) the slits way too high for school. I felt like a frumpy Cleopatra, and that idea went right out the window. The head dress was just about the same price, and oh-so-much-more glamorous.

I ended up buying a fabulous Ziegfeld Folly girl feather headdress in royal blue with silver sequins. It fit well, did not slide, nor was it hot or smelled of rubber. And, if I DO go out to the SWANK party, I can dance in it. The costume? For school I will dress as the "Queen of the Art Castle" , and if I go out, I will be a bit more wild and be a Folly girl.

I could have bought an elaborate outfit, but I figure part of the fun is making your costume with bits and pieces put together. I bought some glittery body makeup and the headpiece; the rest will be from what I have OR borrow.

After our fun foray, everyone (even Andrew who joined us) left with something to jump start our costumes. It will be interesting to see how we all put it together, and since we may end up at the same party, we will get photographs.

After was appetizers and margaritas at the 'Dillo. Simple fare, but all sooo good. And, it is 1/2 price margarita night for those of us who are feeling the economic ass-grabbing.

So simple, so fun, and really quite cheap.

Here's to play!

Patti O Masquerade


tangled stitch said…
Looks like glorious fun!

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