Voluntary Simplicity

There is a book called Voluntary Simplicity. I think I may have owned it, or perhaps I just imagined that I owned it due to it's popularity over the years. If I didn't read it, it was because I was just not ready for it yet.

But now I have reached my saturation point and things need to change.

I am tired of work work work; for what what what I ask myself? To balance numbers that exist in registers and on computers? To give everyone else but myself the money? To spend most of my life working and not enjoy the little things in life more than I do? To prove something to myself or to others?

I know that I have some time left on this earth where I will have to be in the workforce, and am totally willing to give it my all and do my job mindfully. And, I am not giving up my Eos or my sweet house to go live in a cabin. I like my things and I know and accept that to some degree I am owned by them. But it is time to make decisions on what IS priority, what is fluff, and what is a time waster.

So how do I start? Wait, maybe I should get the book? Is there a workbook for this? I read the book on "right sizing" (and I am working on that!) but this is a little bit more complicated! How do you rightsize your friends, events, obligations and obsessions? I'd LOVE to open this as a forum for discussion. After all, I don't have time to read the book. Snicker.

Tomorrow is thought one. Rightsizing my business. Till then

Patti O Changin'
(Photo: after a rainstorm a few years ago--lookin' for the pot under the rainbow)


tangled stitch said…
Patti, Very interesting post. I recently turned 50 and am thinking the same exact way. Time to rid myself of everything that doesn't work for me and make more time for what does work for me on some level. Good luck on your journey and you are definitely not alone along the trail.

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