In the Show/Snow? Zone

I always do this.

I have a year to prepare art and craft for my one and only local show, and I end up doing everything the last month and then feeling the weight of the "crush" of that, the holidays, and the fine art shows that I am in. (and the art has yet to be made)

I don't know how the month of October just slid right out from under me heading into November, and before I know it the first weekend in December will be here and I have to be READY.....I try and still centered, but by now any mellowness from the summer has faded into a distant memory.

WHEN IT ISN'T RAINING the sun still has some strength and I have been known to ditch an afternoon plan to drive for an hour with the top down, shooting a few desperate last photos from the open top of my silver bullet. (I bet Barbarella would have loved this car). But lately it has been cold, or seems to rain a lot. (I am trying to love my new rubber rain boots)

I don't like that I have to heat/preheat the studio now.
I won't like that I will soon have to shovel to get to it.
I don't like that I can't run out there in my bathing suit.
I don't like that there isn't much natural light when I get home.
I never want to leave the house.

But on the other hand.............I love the colors of Christmas.
I love looking at the design of my collection that are 100 or more years old.
I love making new out of old and discarded.
I love to design ornaments with what I have.
I love laying down in front of the fire and feeling the heat..
I love walking in the snow,
and I LOVE snow days.

The yin and the yang,

Patti O Seasons


tangled stitch said…
Good luck with your creating. I know the feeling. I cannot believe how fast this year came and went. Finally settling into a partially empty nest and a new creativity myself. Blessings and get to work!

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