Getting out of the Doldrums

After a few emotionally intense days, I needed some down time this weekend, and rebuilding time for the funeral and to go back to another intense week at work.

On Saturday we took another ride west into the Catskills. The mist hung heavily on the mountains, with breaks of sunshine peeping though the mist and clouds.

We went to the farmers market at the Round Barn, where I bought some lovely spices, and soup mixes, which I can pop into the crock pot for an easy dinner, some home made raw milk cheese made locally in caves beneath the farmers land. Grey Mouse Farm was there, so I restocked on some dilly beans and snacks.

The find of the day at Loving Earth Studio where I bought some garlic dipping bowls for myself and for presents. The bowls are rough and sharp on the bottom so that you can scrape your garlic along the bottom, then add the olive oil and whatever other spices you might add for a dipping sauce. Ingenious, and practical. Put together with some lovely olive oil and organic garlic, it makes for a great gift.

I spent a few hours in the afternoon in the studio. I never seem to get enough time in there to do much more than make a few cards. While I was working away, Larry came in jumping around like a little monkey, saying "I have got some great news!". He kept hopping around, and I kept trying to think what he would be telling me. Maybe we won some contest tickets on the local radio show or something I mused. He hops and stops in front of my face (right now the image of Rumplestiltskin in etched into my mind) and says "you sold your painting at the WAAM!".

I was in shock. I think he could have told me anything else that I would have believed more than I believed this.

Sold a 500.00 painting at a gallery? Impossible. Perhaps they have the wrong person. (I am still in disbelief) Like, someone actually liked my artwork over everything else in the gallery and BOUGHT IT??? Who was it?

I am honored, excited, energized, hopeful, and I know that I can put another few months of heat into the studio with the check.

So dear universe, I am so grateful. And to the person that bought this painting that is dear to my heart I hope you enjoy it for many wonderful years. I will miss my painting (shown here) but I am inspired to paint many more.

Gracia Universe



Melissa Harris said…
Patti! Congratulations! I know how much this means to you and I also know how great it feels to sell a piece. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!This is a message for you from Spirit, an encouragement!
Andrea said…
Wheee! Congrats!

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