In Memorium

This afternoon was the memorial service for photographer Lilo Raymond, at the Center for Photography in Woodstock, NY.

I knew Lilo and George before I knew Larry. They had moved into my strange little neighborhood in Eddyville, which I had nicknamed Freddy Kruger-ville. I was excited that another artist had taken up residence.

Shortly after meeting Lilo in 1987, I was shopping in a high end department store that was going out of business, and came across a lovely book titled Spa Food: Menues and Recipes from the Sonoma Mission Inn, photographed by none other than Lilo. I didn't have much money in those days raising 2 babies on my own, but I bought the book, and to this day, still have it and cherish it. The photos are delectable as are the recipes...

I met Lilo around the time that my marriage to No. 1 fell apart. Eventually there was a No 2, but that too fell apart after 5 years. And it was during that slow relationship demise that I went to a neighborhood party where Lilo and friends introduced me to Larry. And the for another time.

I owe it to Lilo ....who planted the seed, and I am inspired by her endless energy and sense of adventure and kind spirit. favorite vision of you is of you tooling around in your Jettas. You had joie de vivre....

And astonishingly beautiful photographs.

In light,


To see Lilo's work, click on the link in this blog, or else search her name on Google images. She also photographed John and Yoko... Yoko sent flowers.......


tangled stitch said…
Beautiful photos and prayers and condolences on the death of your friend. Photos of John and Yoko wow!

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