Mischief Day

Today was mischief day, but in school you might have been fooled...as it sure looked like Halloween instead.

Halloween is a time where we all get to play, and a high percentage of the staff dress up in one way or another....or the ones who remember what it is like to play, and some of the students also dress up too - even the toughest of them.

I had fun being in costume, letting the girls help me glue on my fake eyelashes. Lots of kids wanted to know about my costume, and I explained that some of it was authentic clothing and jewelry from the 1930-50's such as a rhinestone piece found at a flea market 25 years ago, my grandmother's opalescent glass beads, and a heavy old strand of costume pearls. I sported A sequin embroidered top with fringe on the bottom -- another article of clothing much older than I. They had a mini art and fashion lesson about the 1920's and I explained that I was one of the artsy ladies from that period....a vaudevillian type-of gal.

I had also bought some face paint in case any of the kids wanted their faces done, and I found myself painting clown faces that mimicked the musicians from ICP and other bands . Next year, I will buy better paintsand I need to do a bity of some research on the subject.

Tomorrow I am going to the Center of Photography Fundraiser in Woodstock, where for 20.00 you can have your photo taken in your costume by Dion Ogust. It's for a good cause, and heck, you get a portrait for 20.00!!! Hopefully the weather will hold out so I can get up there and back before it gets crowded and crazy.....

Off to read about fibroids. More on that one later.

Patti O Costume


Andrea said…
You look like a Vegas showgirl before there were Vegas showgirls, hehe!

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