Card Dilemna

After reading about DOONCARDS in an article on Facebook sent to me by a friend, I realized that I need to redesign my business card to include the urls of my blog/website/twitter.

My old card is for Catskillpaper, (shown here) which has a fun design that I use in my Etsy shop and on my website), but focuses on my antique papers and my collage cards. I may keep that for now (have to change email addy however as the one on the card is the one I use for my websites for all the junk that comes through them, and I sometimes miss emails that are important) but I need something more serious.

As my art shifts into a different direction I realize that it is now time for me to present myself mainly as a landscape painter and collage artist, with the cards and ephemera as an off shoot/side business.

Which leads to the do I depict this on one card? I want to show my paintings, but I also want to show my collages as I also work in that medium too.

I could do a few things. 1) Design a business card that is two sided; one side has a lovely painting, the other an edgy collage. (both have the same site data) 2) Make two different cards; one for my paintings, and one for my collage art, and which card I hand out depends upon what the situation is. 3) Just pick one medium for heavens sake and lead them to the sites which will be a visual document of what I do?

For now I will keep my other cards (shown here) for my Etsy shop that sells mostly paper as I enclose them in orders, but I really want a strong card that shows me as a fine artist, not just a paper dealer.

So I am asking my friends, what do YOU think I should do? I really need some advice that I can start to redefining myself in a clear and creative way. I have a problem focusing in on things, and tend to go all over the place - a site for this kind of card, a site for a different kind of card, a site with art.... too much stuff, and rather ADD if you ask me.

SO Please either post to this blog, or post on Facebook......cause I need some help and I so value your advice

Patti O Confusion


tangled stitch said…
How bout a project where you meld your painting with your collage? I don't know if you do that but if you don't I love the idea of a two sided card if you could do it. All of your talents should be highlighted on your card(and don't take any advice from me because at the moment I am using computer generated boring business cards). can't wait to see what you end up with!
Anonymous said…
I like the idea of a 2 sided card...that way people can see both of your talents, and might take the card for one thing, then pass the info about the other.....KiSS
Judy Vars said…
I think different cards for each kind of art you do. There is a market for each kind of artwork so keep the information to a mimimum on the card. Then you can decide which one to give away.

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