Shame on Me

So....want to hear how busy I have been? By now you must think I have given up writing as I only post a few times a week if I am lucky. Well....I have been SO busy that I totally spaced out on paying some bills, and it has cost me my phone, possibly for the holidays.

I have NEVER had my electric, phone, or any other utility (not counting cable once) shut off in all the years I have been living away from home as I am a responsible bill payer. Sometimes I will forget a month, and then send two payments in (however this does not work for car, house or credit card payments) and all is well.

I abashedly called the company, admitted to my great sin, and told them I had made a payment online. They guy was very kind, but then hit me with the news. It will take 2 or 3 days to be turned back on.

I was mortified, for a moment angry, then I realized I caused my own problem, and to buck up accept the consequences of disorganization and over stimulation. It isn't the worst thing in the world - after all, I have email, a cell phone, and some of you know where I live and work.

How bad can it be? Quiet dinner times where there are no solicitors calling for money.Bad news gets postponed for just one more moment. The joy of silence.

Larry's calling me to help finish trim the tree. I tell him we still have a few days before Christmas, he insists that it must be finished tonight.

At least there will be no phone calls.

(Photo is of my niece dancing in the Nutcracker from last weekend in Pelham.)


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