2010 is almost on our doorstep.
It seems only yesterday that I was worried about Y2K.

What happened to the past 10 years? How did they slide through my fingers so fast? I become frantic and think, what were the most memorable moments of that time? What have I done in the last 10 years? Have I made the world a better place to live, or have I added to the chaos, negativity, and environmental destruction of the planet?

This year I am making a resolution that goes beyond me and my hedonistic behaviors; it is a resolution to help heal the world, or at the very least, do my best to recognize and stop irresponsible and wasteful behaviors.

This year, I can't afford to break this resolution. I have vowed to take responsibility for how I affect the earth. I will educate myself about responsible consumerism, and do my best to purchase goods from companies which are organic, who recycle, and give something back to the world. I will do my very very best to use a minimum of chemicals in my daily life, as well as help conserve our natural resources by recycling, and buying recycled goods.

I will support my local organic farmers, and locals whose merchandise is made in the USA, (even better if locally) rather than from corporate stores which supply us with cheap goods from China or other countries who practice human rights violations. (as well as have lower or zero standards of manufacture).

It will be a year of conservation, even if I have money, because for every thing I purchase, I am also purchasing packaging for that item.

When I stared writing this, I realized that the past few years have been an epiphany for me, spurred on by Zoe Weil's seminar on MOGO..More Good, Less Harm, (hint..check out the book on the link I posted) and the seminar about empowerment and responsible living given to some of my students. I have put some things into action...and I will keep myself on track when I derail or get lazy.

Below are a few things that I have been doing; each thing that I can do is a step towards healing the earth.

*Use both sides of the paper when you are printing on your computer.
*Make your own cleaning products.
*Carry bags with you so you are not taking home more from the store.
*Find an artist/teacher who needs things that can't be recycled such as Styrofoam plates from your meats; they make great palettes, and can be reused
*buy toilet paper that has recycled fibers...as per a Time Magazine article: "Scott, started offering toilet paper made with 40% recycled fiber. Switching to such material could make a big difference: the NRDC estimates that if every household in the U.S. replaced just one 500-sheet roll of virgin-fiber TP a year with a roll made from 100% recycled paper, nearly 425,000 trees would be saved annually.
*don't run water while you are brushing your teeth.
*make your own personal care products when possible. They will contain a lot less chemicals that what you are using now.
*plant an organic garden.
*make things rather than buy them. There is a great sense of satisfaction when you do this.
*donate money/goods/time at a soup kitchen
*read the paper online. Less waste (even though you ARE using electric..)
*buy energy saving light bulbs
*don't buy a car bigger than you need. You can always rent or borrow a truck.

WE are the responsible party in healing or destroying the earth.
WE are the models showing our children how to live responsibly.
WE need to be solution - if you aren't putting in effort, then you are part of the problem.

Please send me your suggestions and ideas; collectively we can make a huge change.

To the earth and healing in 2010



tangled stitch said…
What a wonderful post and resolution! We should all be better stewards of our world and our craft! I can't wait to read your blog posts next year(and the rest of this year) and follow your journey!

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