Winter MUSTS

I have reached the age where I no longer care what I look like. Though I always make it a point to have some panache in my style, I strive for comfort, and in the winter - WARMTH. I don't care if I am wearing boots that look like I am ready to hike the Yukon with my black velvet skirt, or that my coat has no shape and I could be 50 lbs heavier or thinner and you could not tell.

This year I decided that if I had to live in the great northeast, it was time that I had the gear for it. And, it's a good thing, as the temperatures have plummeted this week, giving me a slap upside the head to remind me that winter HAS ARRIVED.

At the end of last winter I bought a pair of tall, insulated, waterproof boots on sale in Great Barrington. They aren't sexy, but so far they have proven warm and waterproof during the last two storms I had to help clean up after. This is my second pair of Canadian boots...if our northern neighbors can't make a winter boot, then no one can.

A few weeks ago I broke down and bought a long down coat for less than 100.00, and so far, that too is quite toasty. Along with that I also bought a down vest, which I wear inside the house. It is perfect for when I walk around with the headset (making dreaded phone calls to various people and agencies) as the little phone fits neatly inside the pocket, and it keeps me just warm enough so that I don't go turn up the heat.

However, today I had the heat set for 71 and the house only reached I pumped it up a bit to get it a bit warmer. I am going to have to check out putting plastic on the windows, and buying heavier curtains for some of the windows in the rooms that we don't use much as they will help keep some of the cold air out!

Off to drink some glug, which also keeps me warm!!

Patti O Heater


tangled stitch said…
Your attire sounds lovely! And even if it isn't if you're warm too bad! Blessings to you and I hope you stay toasty and warm for the holidays.
Judy Vars said…
You would be a fashion-nista in Alaska. It sounds really cold in your neck of the woods stay cozy.
Judy V.

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