Hoping for a Snow day

I need a day off. I worked hard last week, working 12 hours days. There were some days I did not even have the energy to go out and have dinner. Collapsing on the bed was more gratifying.

But the show is over. Considering the economy, I did well. The studio will be heated for a few more months thanks for the patronage of my faithful buyers and friends. I am done with production work and have a period of rest, even though my mind starts jumping ahead to Valentines Day.....

I showed both my fine art and craft items, and sold a few smaller pieces of art. I got some good feedback on my paintings, and met and enjoyed the best people, both vendors and buyers alike. It is a show I love to do once a year, as we all have a good time, no matter the weather or crowd.

And now, as the dust from my whirlwind two weeks clears, I find that there are just 2 weeks until Christmas. I have not shopped much, and need to get my ass in gear. That is what tomorrow will be for.

I am PRAYING that we have a snow day, so that I can start cleaning my house, seeing what I have bought already for some of my friends and family, and placing a majority of my online orders. I am spending less this year, especially since I did not get a raise (contract in litigation so no raises yet) and my bills have increased due to taxes, heat increases, etc. It is spending time with friends and family that means more to me and I HATE...can I repeat HATE the craziness of last minute shopping and crowds.

Off to see what I have bought so far, and make a list.

Gonna check it twice, and make sure I have gifts ESPECIALLY for those who are naughty AND nice.

Patti O Snow


tangled stitch said…
I was kind of hoping for snow myself. I think we got a gift how bout you? Congrats on the show and have fun and try to relax in the next two weeks!

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