Tool/Tip of the Week

I have been in the studio working away. It is the week that I finish what I can, package, label, and price.

Each year I wonder if I should have made more of this, or more of that, but in the end I end up taking a deep breath, and muttering "it is what it is".

I made a few collages which have some 3-D attachments, and am framing them in vintage frames, but not putting them under glass. I love them this way, and the art seems more accessible if it isn't hidden under a layer of glass and framing spacers. The problem was how to attach the items. Glue? Wire?

Glue is a tricky thing. Its composition and color can change over time, discoloring the art, or becoming brittle and no longer holding. Other than the Acid Free Bookbinding glue that I use with most of my collage work, I usually don't like to use glue. (save for the hot glue gun that was a necessity gluing vintage tinsel rope onto antique cards ) I decided that glue was not an option.

I bought out my trusty Dremmel, one of the best gifts that Larry has given me. Another gift that came with it was a drill press stand that the Dremmel slides into. I used a very fine bit, and it drilled smooth perfect holes in both a canvas board, and through a collaged mat board. I used very fine silver wire to attach the items to the artwork, and it looked fabulous. The items were secure, the wiring blended in/worked with the piece, and it was a minimum amount of work, which is always a good thing.

I have tomorrow to finish up any work that needs to be finished. Friday afternoon I will be deciding what to bring for display, and gather up all my goods.

Off to bed to put heat on me achin' back, and read a bit more of the Girl and the Unicorn (is that the name of it?).

Patti O Production

PHOTOS: two of the MANY handmade mini-work-of-art greeting cards that I will have this weekend!


Andrea said…
The Dremel is the bomb! It's great for carving and polishing, too.
tangled stitch said…
good luck at your shows! Love the pieces!

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