Sketch of the Day

I miss my studio, but somehow the past two weeks have crippled me in one way or another from starting a painting or any other project for that matter.  Health, life, and time issues have robbed me of my energy, as well as my inspiration.

Strangely I am OK with is.  I watch movies when I can, look at art, read, enjoy a ride in the country, or getting a massage.  I know the muse will visit again, when she knows I can be more prepared to make a date with her.

In order to sharpen my observation and hand/eye skills,  and not feel totally stale, I have attempted to make a sketch a night, even if it is a quick action drawing before I retire.  I am also trying to push the limits of what I am comfortable with.  The inside of my bedroom contains no mountains or trees, but it sure hosts other creatures and objects.  I find this exercise akin to bricollage (something made or put together using whatever materials happen to be available) which is a method I have used to make some of my strongest pieces.

I am not comfortable with drawing people. In fact, I am downright bad.  But I sketched this from a book I was reading about the painting methods of the Impressionists, and I came across a photograph of french painter Edourd Vuillard.  His mood projects how I have felt on and off a few times this week.
Only I have more hair on my head and less on my face.

Off to sketch my next victim/subject, before I watch Anne Boleyn lose her head. Or maybe that is in the next episode.



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